A Smart Fit love story: The Hollands love their active life together


After 22 years together, Tom and Vivian Holland still know how to fire up their relationship.

They stay active together, and recently celebrated the anniversary like a pair of young lovers, driving across the dessert to see a concert in Las Vegas. They like hitting the road regularly and have seen 40 states and crossed Canada in their recreational vehicle in the last few years.

Their secret? Fitness.

“To be able to do the things we want to do, we know we’ve got to stay strong and fit,” says Tom, 72.

His wife, 70, agrees, saying, “You have to stay active. Otherwise, you pretty much die.”

And in the month of Valentine’s Day, it’s important to note the powerful role fitness can play in loving relationships.

They Value the Time Smart Fit Saves

This pair have chosen the Smart Fit Method to keep them ready for all that life has to bring.

Each was looking for a way back to regular exercise after the disruptions of the pandemic. Tom had gained 30 pounds. Vivian needed to stay strong against her pre-diabetes diagnosis.

They stay busy with daily dog walks and other hobbies, and with their active lifestyle, they were immediately drawn to the Smart Fit Method’s efficiency. They work out for 20 minutes, three times a week, using Smart Fit’s SMART machines to gain strength and endurance. That’s a fraction of the time traditional gyms require, and the results have been life changing.

“It has been a really good thing for me,” says Vivian, who has gained muscle mass and lost 4 inches around her waist. “It has improved my muscle tone. I feel a lot better. And Tom says that my back looks awesome.”

Tom, too, has made great progress: His “Covid-30” is gone, he’s stronger, and he’s more confident performing the tasks of daily living. “I could see the benefit from it right away in my first workout.”

He particularly likes the way our machines maximize each repetition by delivering the perfect amount of resistance throughout the full range of motion – say, when pushing away on the leg press and when returning to the starting position.

The Hollands love the high level of service and attention, from the attentive staff to the instruction given for each exercise.

“It’s a friendly atmosphere, and they give you encouragement,” Tom says. “And there’s a social community that we’ve built there. You look forward to seeing the same people.”

Exercise Strengthens Relationships

The Hollands know that regular exercise is good for their health, outlook, and relationship. They encourage each other, compare notes, and want to stay fit and attractive to enjoy their lives together. These are just some of the benefits enjoyed by couples who exercise together or separately.

      • It demonstrates support and encouragement for your partner.

      • Having shared interests is good for a relationship.

      • The ways our bodies react to exercise – faster heart rate, shortness of breath, sweaty palms – are like the feelings of romantic attraction.

      • Exercising makes us better lovers by improving blood flow throughout the body and increasing stamina.

And it helps couples build upon shared goals.

Tom and Vivian are proud they’ve found the Smart Fit Method together.

“I like the fact that we both go to the same gym and we’re both experiencing success,” she says. “It feels like we’re on the same page.”


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