Aerobic Capacity for a Fun Life

As we train to enjoy longevity and overall well-being, it’s important that we factor in aerobic capacity. This term, aerobic capacity, is also called V˙O2 max in the fitness world; it refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that you can use per unit of time and body weight. When you increase your aerobic capacity, moving for longer periods of time feels easier: all of a sudden, you’re up the hill. You’re not gasping for the next step and vowing future fitness plans. You’re free to move around and think about other things while doing so.

Aerobic capacity, or V˙O2 max, is a critical component of living well. This is because when you have good aerobic capacity or a high V˙O2 max (it’s measured in numbers), your muscles can keep up with the demands placed on them. This means that you can do the things you love without stress. Things you love such as…

Traveling the World to Hike, Dive, and Bird Watch 

Traveling the world’s terrains offers amazing sights and sounds. With great aerobic capacity, you’re able to go on that hike without the worry of stranding yourself. You can visit Peru and patiently observe the colors and flight of new to you birds. You can go to the Great Barrier Reef or Belize and dive and swim, exploring new coral reefs. Enjoy breath taking views through wonder not fatigue. 

Exploring Cities & Seeing New Sites 

Exploring cities and discovering new sites can be an invigorating and fascinating experience. By maintaining a good V˙O2 max, you can find yourself in Paris, strolling in the pedestrian paradise and forgetting about time, wallet around your neck. You can spend the day shopping in Dubai or seeing unique architecture. You can walk around the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, finding a place to sit and have coffee by choice instead of out of necessity because you’re tired.

Everyday Activities like Playing with Grandchildren, Walking Your Dog, and Gardening

There’s a special joy to being able to do everyday things that spark gratitude. When you maintain and build up your aerobic capacity, you’re able to do the things you love today, tomorrow, and for the next few decades. Your dog stays healthy with you, because you can afford the long walks. Your grandchildren grow to enjoy memories of playing with you because keeping up with them was fine. Your garden is blooming and full of happy plants, because you’re taking the time to plant and harvest as much as you like.


All in all, when you give yourself the aerobic capacity to keep trying new things, you get to have more fun. You get to do the new things without the distraction of your body trying to keep up.

Aerobic capacity is one of the four pillars of exercise that we have built our method around. We’re designed to increase your aerobic capacity over time in a way that’s safe and effective at every age. We help you achieve the 30+ V˙O2 that’s needed for you to enjoy the above activities – or whatever your goals happen to be. This is a part of how we function as a physical retirement plan for you. Come in and experience the workouts we have to offer at a location of The Smart Fit Method near you – book a free workout by clicking on this text.

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