Bring in a friend using our Buddy Pass! We’re celebrating 5 years of health gains

Hello smart fitters,

We’re celebrating this week because Rob got back a CT scan that showed no growth on his aortic aneurysm. He’s been using The Smart Fit Method™️ for the past 5 years, and this is great news. In this time he has also regained his cardiovascular health and most of his lost muscle.

We’re proud of this result and the improved healthspan (the number of years that someone lives or can expect to live in reasonably good health) that The Smart Fit Method™️ can offer to our members as well.

As we’re learning, evolving, and celebrating, we’d like to ask you to come in and bring a friend. This will help us help the communities that we’re involved in and give us the opportunity to expand into more communities. When you use the Buddy Pass, you help share the health and fitness solutions that you’re already tapped into.

We’ll be continually cultivating our method and offering high-tech, safe, and effective fitness solutions for people of all ages.

Ask your trainer how to bring in a friend the next time you’re in studio.


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