Electrolytes and Body Fat

A lot of people come in to The Smart Fit Method wanting to lose body fat. Although we recommend focusing on strength gains and getting fitter, we can and do also help our members with body recomposition and losing that unwanted body fat.

In regard to losing body fat, we’ve found something interesting after viewing 100s of data sets from our members over time. The thing noted is that members who regularly consumed electrolytes and hydrated have gotten 44% more body fat loss than those who weren’t doing this.

The type of electrolyte consumption involved has been an everyday dash once after waking up and once before bed. I say a dash because when you use the Ultima electrolytes that we sell in studio, you’ll find the little cup inside that feels like a dash.

As for hydration, this has looked like 50% of body weight in ounces of water. So, if you’re 140 pounds, that means drinking 70 ounces of water each day throughout the day.

When you come in to The Smart Fit Method, we’ll be able to track your body fat and body recomposition regularly so you can see exactly how you’re transforming.

Aside from this and exercise, there are several other factors that are involved in body recomposition and losing unwanted body fat. These factors include nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hormonal balance.

We got you with these factors as well, as we provide meal plans, our Smart Cold HIIT helps optimize hormones, our Smart Charge provides a great place to relax, and our awesome certified personal trainers give sleep and stress management tips when you’re in for a workout.

As you go along your fitness journey, if body recomposition or losing body fat is part of it, remember to drink water and replenish with electrolytes.

We wish you a great weekend of fitness, health, and self-love at every size.

Check out our Youtube video about Body Fat and Electrolytes

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