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jeff dent

Jeff Dent knew he needed to get in shape.

He expected to find physical exercise at The Smart Fit Method, but he was surprised to discover a whole system to build healthy habits in all aspects of life for people over 40.

Now he’s living proof of the holistic power of The Smart Fit Method to improve fitness, nutrition, hydration, recovery and even relationships.

“The workouts are one thing,” says Jeff, 47, who works in software and lives in Encinitas with his wife and two kids, 7 and 11. “But the way I looked at it, I was going to take in everything – all the resources they have available – take the instructions that they’ve given me and apply them into my daily routine.

“And it’s given me just great results.”

His Life Before

When Jeff joined The Smart Fit Method in the summer of 2021, he was overweight and had high blood pressure. Getting into his car was so exhausting that he traded it in for a truck.

Jeff’s kids were growing up, and he wasn’t as present for them as he wanted to be. When the family went for a hike, he was the first one to get tired and call it quits.

But after his first 20-minute Smart Fit Method workout, Jeff was amazed at how he felt for days afterword. He was hooked after just six weeks, and it wasn’t just because of his exercises on Smart Fit Method’s AI-backed, data-driven exercise equipment, which gives better results than traditional gym equipment in a fraction of the time.

“I talked to the people there about more than just the machines – nutrition, eating, sleep and recovery,” he recalls “It wasn’t just about getting fit. It helped me evolve my lifestyle with a newfound drive to push myself in other aspects, as well.”

He gained confidence, energy, and mental focus. His blood pressure came down. He started coaching his son’s football team.

He lost 20 pounds on his 6’3” frame and 7.6 percent body fat. His lean muscle mass grew 4.9 percent, and fat mass came down 24 pounds. He lost 4 inches on his waist.


The Breadth of The Smart Fit Method

The Smart Fit Method records key physical metrics and provides a report once a month to show successes and opportunities for improvements.

It’s based in the efficient, effective workouts on our high-tech SMART machines that provide perfect resistance throughout every repetition of exercise. They let you build muscle, endurance, and heart health in three 20-minute workouts a week, giving back plenty of time for the rest of your life.

As Jeff learned, our method also includes nutrition coaching, premium dietary supplements, and guidance on recovery, including how to get the best sleep of your life.

The results, as Jeff shows, are life-changing.

“I’m more engaged. I look better. I feel better. I’m in a better mood,” he says. “My wife loves that I’m taking care of myself so I can participate in more things than I was before.

“This last time we all went hiking,” he says proudly, “I was the up and down the hill faster than anybody else.”

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