How The Smart Cold HIIT helped Rob reclaim his fitness after a health scare

Imagine a fitness tool that combines cooling, compression, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), all from a comfortable seated position. This remarkable tool, The Smart Cold HIIT, played a pivotal role in Rob’s life after being diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, and it ultimately lead to creating The Smart Fit Method with his son, Connor.

What does peak fitness look like?

At a time when he thought he was at peak-fitness, Rob received this diagnosis as a result of overtraining. The resulting prospect of a fatal rupture from walking up a hill or from lifting 30 pounds led to a sedentary lifestyle and a state of depression. On top of that, in a matter of four months, an aspect of his physical fitness, his VO2 max, had depleted to that of an average 54-year-old.


Innovative fitness equipment

In his state, he started to seek innovative fitness solutions. This is when he found out about The Smart Cold HIIT, an astronaut rehabilitation tool. Astronaut’s bodies tend to atrophy when they’re in space due to the lack of gravity. Despite exercising in space, when they come back to Earth, they need a fitness tool that is safe, efficient, and effective to help them get more mobile again.

Trying something new

After reaching out to the team and being cleared to try it by their cardiologist, Rob started to routinely use The Smart Cold HIIT. From this one machine, which we have in all of our studios, he was able to bring his VO2 max to that of an elite 45-year-old athlete in a year and a half – one of the best VO2 max scores that he has had in his life. And all without the fear of a rupture.

Plus, this happened as a result of exercising for a tenth of the time he did previously.

How it works

How was this possible? Well, the cooling and compression from the machine help to trigger hormonal responses that help you get fit, fast. Because of this, the Smart Cold HIIT not only helps with VO2 max, it also helps you improve your health span – it helps you on a cellular and hormonal level.

The Smart Cold HIIT was an entry point for Rob to regain his fitness and active lifestyle. We use it at all of our locations because we know – from research and experience – that it is a game-changer. Using The Smart Cold HIIT at one of our high tech fitness studios is a great way to systemize a new fitness routine. It’s effective, efficient, and most importantly, it’s super safe.

So, if you’re struggling to move around, or you want to get into an exercise routine, or you’re looking for a small fitness studio serving people who are 40+, we welcome you to come in for a free demo.

Thank you for reading about Rob’s testimonial using The Smart Cold HIIT.

To hear about Rob’s story through video on Youtube, click here.

Stay fit, stay smart!

-The Smart Fit Method

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