Our New Buddy Pass Has Arrived!

Hey there, awesome members! Get ready to unleash the power of friendship and fitness at your location of The Smart Fit Method because we’ve got an exciting feature to share with you. We’re introducing our brand-new Buddy Pass – it’s a great way to share your fitness adventure with a friend.

We totally get it – sweating it out with a friend by your side can make all the difference in reaching those epic fitness goals. That’s why we’re stoked to roll out the Buddy Pass, designed to make bonding over workouts easier than ever before.

So, what’s the deal? Our Buddy Pass allows you, our esteemed members, to bring in one buddy a month for a cool and efficient Vasper or strength training with an ARX workout. Together, you can enjoy the mind-blowing combination of compression, cooling, and interval training that a Vasper workout offers or experience strength or muscle and strength building on our amazing ARX machines. To activate your Buddy Pass, simply let your Trainer know that you want to bring a friend along for your next session. Our incredible Trainers will handle the rest and set you both up for your workout.

By participating in the Buddy Pass program, not only will you and your buddy enjoy the exhilarating benefits of The Smart Fit Method, but you’ll also strengthen your bond and create lasting memories. It’s a win-win situation! Plus, if your buddy decides to join The Smart Fit Method and signs up for a membership, both of you will receive a complimentary nutritional product. Consider it our way of congratulating you both for committing to fitness.

Starting June 15th, get ready to show your friends the ultra-efficient fitness studio you’re a part of.

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