The Smart Body Scan: The key to your Smart Fit success

The Fit3D Smart Body Scan is a key component of the data driven formula that is the Smart Fit Method. Digitally mapping millions of data points in under 90 seconds and immediately uploading a new interactive dashboard to your cloud-based account, this thing is state of the art.  But the Fit3D Smart Body Scan is way more than just a pretty set of pictures and stats, it is actually a crucial component to your Smart Fit success. To understand why, first let’s take a look at what it does.

All Those Data Points

The Smart Scan maps millions of data points quickly. As it does, that information is used to perform a “biometric scan” (measuring physiological characteristics), in which all of those data points provide precise measurements of body fat, muscle mass, postural alignment and dozens of other key pieces of info about the body. The Smart Scan then creates reports which are uploaded to your Smart Fit App so you can track your progress and see your overall health improvements in real, hard data. Those data points include: So what do all those data points tell us? The Smart Scan gives us valuable info in a variety of ways:

  • Body Composition: In a partnership with Dexa, that helps it make the best predictions on lean mass & fat mass, the Smart Body Scan also shows you how you compare to the norm.
  • Circumference Measurements: Smart Body Scan captures hundreds of measurements automatically so you can easily track progress over time.
  • Overlay: This popular feature comparison tool shows you in 2D how you literally compare with yourself.
  • Health Score: Smart Scan worked with leading universities to develop a health score metric based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to visceral fat. They call this your Body Shape Rating.
  • Posture & Balance: Smart Scan also tracks posture & balance, which is great for aesthetics, physical therapy, & injury prevention.
  • BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate shows you how your body burns calories at your resting state.

But the data isn’t all. What are numbers alone, when you can also have interactive 3D images and a certified personal trainer pinpoint areas where you can improve. The information gathered in the scan is presented to you after your workout through a brief consultation where a Smart Fit trainer will make recommendations to support your goals. We all take in information in different ways and for many, having a trainer review this information is one of the most motivational parts of your Smart Fit Method journey.

Why We Love It

In addition to its ability to create a more interactive (avatars) and integrated (app-based) experience, there are several other reasons we chose the Fit 3D as our Smart Body Scan over other body scan machines.  It’s considered the best because it is:

  • Fast – so you can scan AND get your results automatically uploaded to your Smart Fit App in under 30 minutes.
  • In A Kiosk – allowing you to scan yourself easily and comfortably.
  • Incredibly Accurate – enabling an unmatched accuracy of scans.
  • Cloud-based – accounts allow for 24/7 access to reporting behind a safe password protected login.

How The Smart Scan Fits into the Smart Fit Method

If we’re doing all that the Smart Fit workouts require from us–showing up 3 times a week for 20 minutes and getting adequate recovery time after workouts, we can usually see changes on the scale and our bodies (both outside and in. In those cases, our monthly body scan serves as affirmation; encouragement; and real, tangible motivation. A sort of: Look at you go with your lean self, keep it up!

But when those changes aren’t happening as they should be, that’s when the Smart Scan really comes into play as a key component of the Smart Fit Method. In these cases, even before the scale tells us, the Smart Scan shows us that the transformation in the lean muscle mass is not taking place as it should. That’s when we kick into high gear at helping you look at what you’re doing with the other 167 hours of your week.

Because with Smart Fit Method only asking a full hour of your time weekly, it is your behaviors the rest of the hours that really allow the stimulus we create at the facility to cause a greater adaption. Levers you can pull to create greater change from the stimulus we create are diet, hydration, sleep and even time in nature.

Back to the Data…Always

Again, this all comes back to having the best data possible. So when we have a client who we know is doing everything correctly in the fitness studio and still isn’t seeing the gains we expect, we act quickly to trouble shoot before any more time passes.

This was the case with a recent client we will call Mark. How do we know Mark was doing his workouts right? Because we could measure them (there’s that data again). We knew there was plenty of stimulus to create the desired change because we can always see if octane scores are improving on the Carol. That means your cardiovascular system is improving. When Mark did the Big five and his scores improved over time, we also knew that he was creating hypertrophy from muscle damage. That should allow the body to repair and build muscle…if we give it the right fuel, that part is key.

So, after Mark’s first month when we saw on the Smart Scan that he had 0.2 pounds of lean mass gain and 0.1 pound of fat loss—amounts so negligible that they could basically just be an error accounting error, we sat down and looked at what we could tweak in his daily life. We asked Mark to add two scoops of Mikuna Protein Powder to his daily intake, so 40 grams, plus a scoop of Ultima Replenisher electrolytes to his water bottle in the morning and at night, and then just drink water the rest of the day. He then did everything else exactly the same, just added two scoops of protein and two of electrolytes every day.

Atomic Habits

The next month, Mark came in for his Smart Scan and he had 3.9 pounds of body fat lost and gained 3.8 pounds of lean mass. Just from those small tweaks! This is what is so awesome about what is known as, atomic habits: 1% improvements in any area over time. If we were to improve one area of our lives every day by 1%, we’re 37.8 times better at the end of a year than the person we started at the beginning of the year. We don’t have to make wholesale changes to be better, we just need to improve small things more often.

So, when someone comes in and does the body scan, what we want them to understand is that this is your opportunity for the trainer and your to have a discussion about where you can make that 1% improvement that will get your body the response it needs. Because we know it’s not going to come from doing more workouts. If you’re coming in three times a week and we can see the data as you go, you’ve already done enough working out.

The Smart Scan is so crucial to the Smart Fit Method because it cheers you on and shows your gains in a quick and relatable way. But the real magic happens when the gains aren’t what they should be. That’s when the Smart Scan is your early warning, your canary in the coal mine, that all is not going as it should. From there, it’s usually just a few small adjustments elsewhere in your life and you’re back on track far sooner than if we hadn’t had that kind of data at our fingertips.

So, the next time your scan is showing you less than optimal results, get stoked. You’re about to be a stronger, healthier, and better person than ever before!

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