The power of mindset and self-compassion: a holiday health journey

This week, we launched our new Nutrition Moments series. In this first video, Megan Lyons, a double board-certified clinical and holistic nutritionist, shares a powerful scenario of two individuals, Sam and Kris. Their journeys highlight the importance of mindset and self-compassion when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festivities.

Sam’s struggle: a vicious cycle

Sam begins the holiday season with admirable intentions. She’s determined to stay healthy and start the new year on a positive note. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she attends the first holiday party that Friday night.

The guilt trap

Sam indulges in one cookie at the party, and guilt immediately creeps in. Instead of showing herself compassion and moving forward, she falls into a guilt-driven cycle.

The “start again tomorrow” mentality

Feeling guilty, Sam convinces herself she might as well overindulge all night since she had that cookie. It’s just the start of the holiday season anyways. Best to start again tomorrow. She has many more cookies and several drinks.

Procrastination takes over

Sam wakes up not feeling the best. She decides to postpone her healthy habits again, promising to start over on Monday or after Thanksgiving. This cycle of delay due to perfectionism continues, leaving her feeling defeated.

Kris’s flow: mindful choices and self-compassion

In contrast, Kris also enters the holiday season with health intentions, but she approaches it differently, emphasizing self-compassion and mindfulness during the process.

Mindful choices

At the first holiday party she attends, Kris faces the same tempting cookies as Sam, and she has a cookie too. But the after-effect is different. After eating the cookie, she decides to balance it with an extra glass of water.

Embracing self-grace

Kris goes to bed that night feeling good about her choice. She wakes up the next morning and recommits to her health goals, demonstrating self-grace.

Breaking the overindulgence cycle

Kris understands that it’s not about avoiding treats altogether but making thoughtful choices. She avoids the slippery slope of overindulgence and guilt and stays on the course she’s committed to.

The takeaway: embrace a healthy holiday mindset

The stories of Sam and Kris teach us valuable lessons for a healthier holiday season:

Self-compassion matters: be kind to yourself and avoid the guilt trap.
Mindful choices: make conscious decisions when faced with holiday temptations – balance when you can.
Start now and stay on course: avoid procrastination and the “start again” cycle – nobody is perfect.
Embrace grace: show yourself self-compassion and grace throughout your journey, you’re doing your best!

Join the challenge

This holiday season, let’s commit to a healthy mindset and self-compassion. Take every action in stride and begin today to do your best for a happier, healthier holiday season.

You can check out Megan’s video by clicking here.

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