What is the Vasper machine and how does it compliment your workouts?

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The Vasper is a revolutionary fitness machine that combines compression, liquid cooling, and interval training. Originally invented to help astronauts recover from the muscle atrophy (loss of lean muscle mass) that occurs on space missions, the synergistic effect of the Vasper technology can be used as a powerful stand-alone workout, or as a rejuvenating compliment to any training or therapy routine.

The Vasper Effect

Vasper technology combines two scientifically proven principles for a powerful synergy that creates what is known as the Vasper Effect: compression and cooling.


By placing compression cuffs on the arms and legs during exercise at a low intensity, Vasper technology recreates the physiological effect of high intensity exercise. Cuffs safely compress the muscles to quickly build up lactic acid, mimicking the physiology of an intense workout that would typically take extensive time and effort. Thus, the compression builds metabolite concentration quickly (increasing the metabolism boost we seek from exercise), as well as activating fast twitch muscle fibers right away (the tissue built through explosive movements, often occurring only when one pushes beyond their usual limits). This kind of intense workout triggers a systemic recovery response, including the natural release of anabolic hormones, which is the fundamental way that our body performs and recovers.


By running cold water through its compression sleeves at a temp of 47 degrees Fahrenheit, the Vasper keeps the body temp low. This eliminates the body’s need to waste precious oxygen and energy to cool itself in an attempt to keep from overheating. Therefore, we have more energy for our workout and our muscle tissue gets more oxygen, as all that oxygen and energy that would have gone towards temperature regulation gets rerouted to our muscle groups during our workout. The result is not just higher output overall, but also a significantly faster recovery rate. In fact, according to one Stanford study, cooling is more effective for recovery than even steroids.

How is the Vasper Used?

No longer just for astronauts, the Vasper is highly prized in both rehab and fitness/sports settings. It is also a terrific tool for the average person who wants to be as fit and healthy as possible.


As a rehab device, or for the elderly and those with cardiac issues, the Vasper has the benefit of cooling the body during exercise. This, when combined with compression, allows a higher register of effects, meaning the body registers the activity as more intense exercise than it actually is. So, you don’t risk damage to recovering parts of the body like the heart by working out super hard, but you still get all the benefits…and this effect is not small. With 20 minutes of the Vasper, you get the same hormonal response to the body as two and a half hour intensive work out. Plus, the design is so low impact, even those with spinal injuries or other musculoskeletal dysfunction are not very likely to hurt themselves because cause the Vasper is designed to be incredbily low impact, while still using the whole body.

Professional Sports

The Vasper has become an almost standard machine for pro sports teams because it eliminates what’s known as “delayed onset muscle soreness” or DOMS. This is the muscle pain we get after a particularly intense workout. Because there’s very little muscular damage after a Vasper workout due to the blood flow restriction training and cooling, sports teams love using the Vasper as a fitness tool that can keep their athletes “in the game.”

The Rest of Us

The benefit of the Vasper for the average person is very similar to a professional athlete or rehab facility: you’re going to far greater benefits in a much shorter period of time with very little impact to the body than with other workouts. So, your fitness level is going to go way up and so is your health. You’ll optimize your hormones, have more energy, and do all this in a low impact environment—plus save some time while you’re at it!

The Vasper and Smart Fit Method

At Smart Fit Method, we see the Vasper (SMART Cold HIIT) as a perfect supplement to other our workouts for several reasons, but the big one goes back to hormones. The Vasper’s exceptional ability to optimize your hormone profile means better performance, more significant gains from the workload, and a greatly expedited recovery.

Performance and recovery should be seen as two sides of the same coin. The higher levels of anabolic hormones coupled with lower levels of stress hormones that a Vasper workout achieves is essential to reaching peak performance. On the other side, the Vasper can be used as an active recovery, initiating anabolic hormone production to help heal and recover the body. Yes, the Vasper actually helps us heal!

So rather than interrupting the rest that’s required to make true high intensity training really work for you, a Vasper workout actually augments it. You won’t be sore for the other modalities you’re headed for in your next workouts and will still perform really well on the ARX, for example, even a day after the Vasper. Plus, you’ll get more benefit out of the ARX and CAR.O.L bike when regularly using the Vasper, because all of your hormones will really be firing.

In Conclusion

Vasper’s low impact design ensures minimal joint and muscle loading enabling athletes and consumers alike to use it in any season, without adding any physical stress to the workload. With the Vasper, you will recover more quickly, boost your metabolism, lower your cortisol, and all-around look and feel much better with regular use.

 For all of these reasons, the Vasper is not only safe to add in at any time to any part of your fitness routine, it is absolutely advised!

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