Why our adaptive resistance machines deliver better results in a fraction of the time

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If you’ve spent any time lifting weights in a traditional gym, then you were probably coached to perform a bunch of repetitions of each exercise, separated into sets.

For instance, you might’ve been told to perform three sets of eight repetitions each on the bench press to build your chest muscles. Most of each rep wasn’t challenging enough to provide enough resistance needed for growth – just the “pushing away” part on the bench press. That’s why you had to do so many of them.

But not anymore. Using the Smart Fit Method’s technology-backed, adaptive resistance SMART Strength machines, you spend the perfect amount of time under precisely the right tension throughout each rep, every time.

So, a vastly superior workout takes a fraction of the time as traditional methods.

Scientific studies found adaptive resistance training 2.5 times as effective at fat loss than traditional weights, and:

     • Twice as effective for muscle mass gains

     • 3.5 times as effective for cardiovascular fitness

     • 90% greater for strength gains

     • And 72% more time efficient

It’s All About ‘Time Under Tension’

You might wonder how this is all possible. The simple answer is technology. Just like science has advanced global communications and travel, it’s also bringing fitness out of the 1950s, finally.

But the idea is rooted in “time under tension,” one of the keys to muscle growth. It refers to the amount of time during exercise that your muscles are strained enough to get the desired results. That’s just a small portion in traditional weightlifting. The tension just isn’t enough during the entire range of motion.

Think about how it feels to perform a bicep curl. It’s hard curling up, but easy going back to the starting position, right? Adaptive resistance makes it fully engaging the entire rep.

Talk about wasted time! Do all of that for eight reps per three sets on the bench press… and then repeat it for all the other body parts… and it’s no wonder most people claim they don’t have time to exercise.

You can spend two hours at a typical gym to get 20 minutes of time under tension – or you can spend just 20 minutes with our SMART Strength machine.

That means you gain a ton of time back to live your life doing what you enjoy, and the muscle growth, cardiovascular health, and bone strength that adults need as we continue to mature.

Resistance training isn’t an option to a healthy second half of life. It’s absolutely essential.

But devoting your life to a fitness studio? Absolutely not.

Remember, it’s “time under tension” that gets results, not “time at the gym” or even “time working out.”

Our SMART Strength machines calibrate the right amount of resistance every time, throughout the entire movement.

Technology makes this possible in ways our phys ed teachers simply couldn’t match.

We can do it today for you at The Smart Fit Method. The future is here. You simply have to try it to believe it.

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