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Our 6-month supported process gives you the ability to operate a new location of The Smart Fit Method and help the community around you get fit, fast in smart ways.

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We know our method works, and we're proud of the values that hold it up. Our science-based fitness studios safely help aging populations get strong, stay independent, and enjoy more fear-free mobility. Be a part of a growing community dedicated to supporting the health span, longevity, and vitality of all generations through smart exercise and fitness.

Why Smart Fit
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Founded in San Diego in 2020 by father-son duo Rob and Connor Darnbrough, The Smart Fit Method is a science-based fitness program combining exercise robotics and Al (Artificial Intelligence) for perfect personalized training in 20-minute sessions a week. The Smart Fit Method sought out the most cutting-edge fitness technology and training equipment that was once only available to professional sports teams and medical facilities and made it accessible to the public.

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Dr. Adam Silverman
Functional medicine physician recommends us to his clients
Studio Member
Busy professional enjoys results and the welcoming atmosphere
Studio Member
Enjoying efficiency, effectiveness, and personal training at a great price point
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Smarter success whenfranchising with us

Technology and innovation are integrated into everything we do at The Smart Fit Method. Whether it’s creating the best possible client experience or streamlining the operation of a franchisee’s business, we’re always working to be at the forefront of the industry. Some of our franchise business model offers include:

Smarter success when franchising with us

Two proprietary apps

Access to existing accounting, management, and payment systems

Holistic support channel

Certified Personal Training

Processes that are built to scale

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What does the franchising process look like?

The first step is to book a call with us and meet the founders. After this, documentation is signed, a location is scouted, the space is built out, training and marketing support is received, and then the facility is launched with a grand opening.

Continued education and support occur from here.

What is the minimum liquid capital or access to funding needed to begin?

You need access to a minimum of $500,000 liquid capital, whether that's privately acquired or accessed through investors, loans, and/or partners.

What are the financing options?

We are approved for financing options. If you have any questions regarding financing, please book a meeting with us and we can discuss this on the call.

What kind of support do I receive as a franchisee?

You receive technical, marketing, operational, sales, and business support in both digital and in-person formats. Access to our corporate team is also part of the support system. For more information and details about the conditions, please book a meeting.

How much space do I need?

To operate The Smart Fit Method, you need 1500-2000 square feet of adequately zoned and renovation-friendly space.

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